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Сomprehensive hub for information on customers, financial products, transactions, and various financial operations, for accurate balance management.

Whether you need an internet banking interface or a complete banking suite, Mellifera has both standalone solutions and packages, giving you the flexibility you need.

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Tailored solutions for every fintech player

Our team’s firsthand experience in fintech has armed us with the insight to develop solutions that don’t just promise but have proven their worth in the real world. With a commitment to fueling business growth and transforming digital transactions, Mellifera is not just another tech startup; we are a visionary force certain to reshape the future of financial services.

Other services

AI-empowered compliance platforn

Advanced solution that departs from traditional rule-based systems, utilizing sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

Payment Gateway

Mellifera’s flagship product. Seamlessly integrates various payment channels, including open banking, card payments, and alternative banking methods.

Core Bank

For institutions navigating the complexities of core banking, Mellifera offers comprehensive support for EU and UK EMIs.